Apple TV Remote Stand, 3D Printed

Apple TV Remote Stand, 3D Printed

Today, I tried my hand at  Autodesk Fusion360 to design something fairly simple, an Apple TV Remote Stand.  My Apple TV Remote tends disappear quite often so this stand is meant to resolve this problem.

The finished AppleTV Remote Stand, 3D printed on the Creality Ender 3 Pro

I followed a few useful tutorials on YouTube to get the hang of Fusion360, I highly recommend them:

This is a fairly simple design, with the only challenge being stability of the base. After a few revisions, I narrowed down the size of the Remote inlet, to ensure the weight of the remote itself is what keeps the stand stable.

Revising the inlet

Check out my design here:

Rendering in progress
Rendering done, in a shiny, aluminum finish

You can design a 3D model is Autodesk Fusion360 and simply export an STL file, this STL file can be imported into Ultimaker Cura from which you can rotate, position, and export gcode for your 3D printer.

Ultimaker Cura

You can download the STL and 3D print this yourself using the model I uploaded to Cults3D: